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National Ice Cream Month, Day 20

Homemade Banana! This is another favorite. I saw it on The Kitchn a couple summers ago: chop a banana, freeze the pieces, then blend them.



There’s a surprising number of variations to this recipe (ripeness, how small to chop it, how long to blend it, what to add), but I like the simple, short version.




ice cream

National Ice Cream Month, Day 19

DICK’S HOT FUDGE SUNDAE! I’ve been looking forward to this one since Day 2. The Dick’s in my neighborhood is the best and if you don’t agree you can take that up with my friends Sir Mix-A-Lot, Macklemore, and Hollis.

One of the reasons I will always love Dick’s is that they pay well and have forever given their employees vacation time, insurance, tuition reimbursement, paid time for volunteering, and 401(k) with match.

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National Ice Cream Month, Day 18

Day 18, Earlier in the day, I was at a coffee shop in Fremont when a little birdie flitted onto my table.

Aww! Look at him perched up on my screen. He’s so fearless.
He hopped over, closer to me. So sweet. Does he want a little pet? Can I pet him? Do birds have rabies?
So that’s the kind of day I was having when I moseyed over to D’Ambrosio Gelateria in Ballard. The couple in line next to me got one cone and said, “we’ll share that,” so I’m pretty sure they haven’t farted in front of each other yet.
After sampling a few flavors, I selected Sicilian Pistachio and Caramel Fig.


These flavors are AMAZING. I’ve never had such a good pistachio thing, and I’m including actual pistachios in that.


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National Ice Cream Month, Day 17

Day 17, S’more Parfait at Trove, in what used to be Brocklind’s Costume & Bridal Store on Capitol Hill. Trove is a Korean BBQ place. I’ve actually never had Korean barbecue before so I didn’t know it had anything to do with soft serve ice cream.
This glass was full of chocolate ice cream, graham crackers, brownie fudge chunks, and a toasted marshmallow. The spot where they have the soft serve machines is made to look like an ice truck. I guess during certain hours they serve from the “truck” but that wasn’t open when I was there.
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National Ice Cream Month, Day 16

Day 16 aka National Ice Cream Day. Christine and I went over to West Seattle to try Husky Deli. I got Horchata. I also sampled Swiss Chocolate Orange (good) and Raspberry Decadence (very good).
We headed over not knowing that today was also the West Seattle Street Fair Festival Outdoor Carnival Sidewalk Sale. The line for ice cream went into the back of the store, it was at least 50 people long.
I heard one woman say, “this is the only thing I will wait in line for.” I’m not sure how that works, I mean, have she ever not had a line at the grocery store? Does she abandon full carts or does she put everything back on the shelves, “I only wait in line at the ice cream counter at Husky Deli!”
The ice cream is worth the wait but not so great I’d forsake all other lines.
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National Ice Cream Month, Day 15

Tom and I stopped for soft serve chocolate-vanilla swirl from Little Coney at Golden Gardens Park.

While we were waiting, I showed a man how to adjust the brightness on his cell phone camera. He marveled at the difference and shook my hand and said, “have nice dinner on me tonight!” If you know of a restaurant that accepts second-hand handshakes as payment, let me know.

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National Ice Cream Month, Day 14

VANILLA. Plain, simple, elegant, delicious vanilla frozen custard in a cake cone, from Old School Frozen Custard. Carrying this little cutie away from the counter made me feel 5 years old.
When I was a kid, our grocery store had an ice cream counter. It also had a Brach’s candy display, where you got 3 candies for, I don’t know, a quarter. The candy isn’t important, I just want to say thanks to my mom who, every week, had to steer 1-3 kids through that real-life sweet things obstacle course on her to way to get Salisbury steaks and fish sticks.
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National Ice Cream Month, Day 13

Parfait in Ballard with Jenna! I had two scoops: Meyer Lemon and Lavender Caramel. Jenna had Rosemary Almond Brittle.

I sampled nearly half the menu (again, I say, ice cream flights should be a thing). Parfait uses a lot of herbs in their recipes. They grow them in the planter boxes in front of the store. Thanks for the recommendation, Jenna!

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National Ice Cream Month, Day 12

A “Brown Derby” Sundae at Shug’s Soda Fountain in downtown Seattle. This sundae has a few options.
I got a chocolate donut (from Mighty-O Donuts) and a scoop of Decidedly Chocolate ice cream (from Lopez Island Creamery). There’s hot fudge, whipped cream, and a fancy cherry.
This place is new to Pike Place Market and offers a lot of ice cream recipes like sundaes, shakes, and floats. It’s super pink inside, like if Elle Woods opened an ice cream shop.