ice cream

National Ice Cream Month, Day 28

Canarino in Edmonds, with Kate! I was so excited to try this that Kate had to remind me to take a photo. This shop has a tasty selection. I sampled the Pear sorbetto, Dark Chocolate sorbetto, and Chai gelato.
My complexion has gone haywire this month (I refuse to see a connection, thankyouverymuch). This morning I made my own facial toner with tea tree and lemon essential oils and witch hazel. As I left the house, my husband said, “you smell like Lemon Pledge.” Fortunately, it was a warm morning and I drove with the sunroof open to off-gas my face.
But lemon was on my mind, I guess. I chose the eponymous Canarino gelato, with its lemony goodness and bits of cookies. Kate, who did not recoil from my vapors, had a combo of Amaretto and Vanilla gelato.
ice cream

National Ice Cream Month, Day 18

Day 18, Earlier in the day, I was at a coffee shop in Fremont when a little birdie flitted onto my table.

Aww! Look at him perched up on my screen. He’s so fearless.
He hopped over, closer to me. So sweet. Does he want a little pet? Can I pet him? Do birds have rabies?
So that’s the kind of day I was having when I moseyed over to D’Ambrosio Gelateria in Ballard. The couple in line next to me got one cone and said, “we’ll share that,” so I’m pretty sure they haven’t farted in front of each other yet.
After sampling a few flavors, I selected Sicilian Pistachio and Caramel Fig.


These flavors are AMAZING. I’ve never had such a good pistachio thing, and I’m including actual pistachios in that.


ice cream

National Ice Cream Month, Day 10

Avocado Lime at Fainting Goat Gelato in Wallingford. The woman ahead of me in line was buying ice cream for 6 kids. While her crew was working out the best of the 972 possible flavor combos, I made a list of flavors to sample.

I’d pay to just sample one bite of each flavor. Why is this not an option, Ice Cream People?

Anyhow, I settled on Avocado Lime because I skipped dinner and avocado is a meal, right?