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National Ice Cream Month, Day 16

Day 16 aka National Ice Cream Day. Christine and I went over to West Seattle to try Husky Deli. I got Horchata. I also sampled Swiss Chocolate Orange (good) and Raspberry Decadence (very good).
We headed over not knowing that today was also the West Seattle Street Fair Festival Outdoor Carnival Sidewalk Sale. The line for ice cream went into the back of the store, it was at least 50 people long.
I heard one woman say, “this is the only thing I will wait in line for.” I’m not sure how that works, I mean, have she ever not had a line at the grocery store? Does she abandon full carts or does she put everything back on the shelves, “I only wait in line at the ice cream counter at Husky Deli!”
The ice cream is worth the wait but not so great I’d forsake all other lines.

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