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The Making of an Outlaw

The finished product! Photo by and courtesy of Eric Frommer Photography.
The finished product! Photo courtesy of Eric Frommer Photography.
Last weekend, we welcomed a new outlaw to the family. Wait, what? Don’t I mean in-law? Heck no!

I started dating T the same time his cousin started dating her now-husband. T and I married 7 years later, his cousin another 3 years after us. Once we’d officially become in-laws, cousin’s husband and I bonded together at family events – and we quickly went from “in-laws” to “OUTLAWS, BABY!”

So when cousin’s little sister got hitched last weekend, her groom was welcomed with open…flasks.

Outlaws #1 & #2 arranged a surprise initiation during the reception. The noob failed the first time, but he did solemnly accept us as his Outlaw Brother & Sister, so we put him on probation, until they have their first or second kid.

Planning for this little surprise was a ton of fun. We made our plans to present Official Outlaw Flasks© pre-filled with the Official Outlaw Beverage© (whiskey). Since we had a whiskey thing going on, we were inspired by old timey bourbon labels. I combed through font sites, downloaded files I thought we could use.

first mock-up of the artwork
first mock-up of the artwork

Then, I took to Etsy and searched until I found the site Frederick Engraving. Arika was great to work with! I’m a novice with photoediting software, so she worked with me on file formatting, and even helped me determine which artwork would look best.

Isn’t it gorgeous? My husband is quite disappointed he was only born into this family and doesn’t get the Outlaw flask. Kidding aside, we’re all happy for the newlyweds. Like the rest of us, theirs was a long courtship and engagement, and it was lovely to make it Outlaw Official©.

Me with my Outlaw brothers #1 (sunglasses) and Noob.

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