a portrait of the likeness of Saint Maria Goretti
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My Cousin the Saint

a portrait of the likened of Saint Maria Goretti
Saint Maria Goretti

I grew up hearing the hagiography of St. Maria Goretti. My paternal grandmother referred to the saint as “my aunt.” I have yet to verify this. I do know that Maria Goretti’s brother Angelo served as best man to my great-grandparents’ wedding, and as godfather when my grandmother was baptised. In any case, the story of this virgin martyr is one I’ve heard, and contemplated, my whole life. This is the scholarly paper I wrote, and I continue my research now in both quasi-theology and ancestry.

Maria Goretti Paper

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The Making of an Outlaw

The finished product! Photo by and courtesy of Eric Frommer Photography.
The finished product! Photo courtesy of Eric Frommer Photography.
Last weekend, we welcomed a new outlaw to the family. Wait, what? Don’t I mean in-law? Heck no!

I started dating T the same time his cousin started dating her now-husband. T and I married 7 years later, his cousin another 3 years after us. Once we’d officially become in-laws, cousin’s husband and I bonded together at family events – and we quickly went from “in-laws” to “OUTLAWS, BABY!”

So when cousin’s little sister got hitched last weekend, her groom was welcomed with open…flasks. Continue reading “The Making of an Outlaw”

image of an altered book
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image of an altered bookI’ve seen altered books in craft magazines for years. I was inspired to create one for my final project in a bookbinding class. My grandmother was an avid reader, and for many years had a hobby making dollhouses. I wanted my final project to honor her all that she means to me. Using her copy of Wuthering Heights, I did! I offer a little info on the project, and a gallery, after the jump.
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