ice cream

National Ice Cream Month, Day 24

Tom and I went to Scoop Du Jour in Madison Park, where they service Olympic Mountain Ice Cream. I had a double scoop of Kentucky Pie (chocolate ice cream with Oreos and pralines) and the not-at-creatively named Vanilla Salted Caramel Swirl Fudge Brownie. T had the Kentucky Pie. The ice cream was good. I didn’t sample anything else there, though they had some interesting-looking soft serve frozen yogurt flavors.
We ate our cones outside, near a couple who were having cones with their young grandson. After a while, we heard the grandson’s little voice exclaim, “I ate it all, all the ice cream AND THE CONE!” His grandparents cheered and they walked to the park. Remember when we used to be praised for eating a lot of food? You go, kiddo. Eat it all.