ice cream

National Ice Cream Month, Day 27

Molly Moon’s (Redmond location) with my friend Stef and her kiddos! Molly Moon’s is one of my faaaaaaaaaavorite places on earth. Their shop on Capitol Hill introduced me to the salted caramel flavor and specialty ice cream shop years ago.
We needed an east side location so we met up at the shop in Redmond. (Sidenote: WTF Bellevue with your no local ice cream places?!) I arrived early so was walking around Redmond, with its miniature replicas of Capitol Hill stores (Rudy’s, Top Pot, Half Price Books, etc).
A man named Dragon walked next to me for a few blocks. He was in the midst of what sounded like a challenging situation and I was sympathetic. But then he started talking avenging matters and his swords (plural). I looked for the place he was least likely to follow me into.
Which is how I came to get a manicure.
Once I met up with Stef and her boys, I sampled away and decided on a sundae with:
* lemon blueberry cheesecake ice cream
* earl grey ice cream
* lemon curd topping
* candied hazelnuts
* whipped cream
* and, of course, a cherry
The whipped cream stole the show. It looked and tasted handmade, it was just the right amount of sweet, and it was heavenly dense.
There was some heated discussion about A’s cone compared to the size of his head. Bigger? Longer, maybe, but not as wide. I maintain the volume is roughly equivalent. I mean, kid got a double scoop! I suspect the staff went a little extra—they were very sweet with the kids and super excited about the ice cream. As we ate our scoops and caught up a little, a man walked by with a floor length cape. Keep Redmond weird, I guess.