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National Ice Cream Month, Day 1

Day 1: Vashon Island with Anne and her kids. I went to visit with them during the camp “open house.” Throughout the day, several people recommended we get “Vashon Ice Cream.” What they meant, apparently, was the Glass Bottle Creamery. I didn’t sample, just got some tasty vanilla.

With my young friends outside Blue Bottle Creamery in Vashon.

I wish I could tell you this was all intentional, the shirt, the necklace, the precious kids. It’s not. Ice cream is one of my favorite foods, so I made the shirt just because. And the necklace is my homage to Wonder Woman.

When I posted “National Ice Cream Month, Day 1: Bring it.” on Facebook, my friends brought it! Right away, I received recommendations for places to try and even other people’s photos of their ice cream outings.

My cousin’s kid recommends the cones at Snow Goose Produce Market where they serve up Lopez Island Creamery.

Looking forward to trying more flavors this month!

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