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National Ice Cream Month, Day 13

Parfait in Ballard with Jenna! I had two scoops: Meyer Lemon and Lavender Caramel. Jenna had Rosemary Almond Brittle.

I sampled nearly half the menu (again, I say, ice cream flights should be a thing). Parfait uses a lot of herbs in their recipes. They grow them in the planter boxes in front of the store. Thanks for the recommendation, Jenna!

ice cream

National Ice Cream Month, Day 12

A “Brown Derby” Sundae at Shug’s Soda Fountain in downtown Seattle. This sundae has a few options.
I got a chocolate donut (from Mighty-O Donuts) and a scoop of Decidedly Chocolate ice cream (from Lopez Island Creamery). There’s hot fudge, whipped cream, and a fancy cherry.
This place is new to Pike Place Market and offers a lot of ice cream recipes like sundaes, shakes, and floats. It’s super pink inside, like if Elle Woods opened an ice cream shop.
ice cream

National Ice Cream Month, Day 10

Avocado Lime at Fainting Goat Gelato in Wallingford. The woman ahead of me in line was buying ice cream for 6 kids. While her crew was working out the best of the 972 possible flavor combos, I made a list of flavors to sample.

I’d pay to just sample one bite of each flavor. Why is this not an option, Ice Cream People?

Anyhow, I settled on Avocado Lime because I skipped dinner and avocado is a meal, right?

ice cream

National Ice Cream Month, Day 7

Mom sent me an article about ice cream filled donuts and I briefly considered skipping the mortgage for a ticket to LA.

Instead, I stick with the plan and try Homemade Watermelon Sorbet, which was booed by more than one friend following my progress. I booed, too, after tasting it. This was not a good experiment, it came out too mushy.

ice cream

National Ice Cream Month, Day 6

Day 6: Mexican Street Corn at Nue. I asked twice and then I finally said in my best PA accent, “Are you saying ‘STREET? CORN?’”

So you get the full picture, know that I am at a chichi fusion theme restaurant in the bottom of Gentrification Condos, the staff were puzzled that I’m dining solo, the waiter looks like the guy who played the Ice Truck Killer in Dexter, and I am wearing a tee shirt with a picture of pizza on it.

But also: the meal was extraordinarily tasty, the Ice Truck Killer is a great waiter, and this ice cream is the most interesting thing I’ve put in my mouth since Mooseballs™.

ice cream

National Ice Cream Month, Day 5

Day 5: Hot Cakes on Capitol Hill. Vanilla scoop with peanut butter fudge crumbles on top (and a peanut butter cup chocolate lava cake). I want to go back to try their chocolate shell.

Sidenote: Hot Cakes carries coffee from one of my favorite roasters, Blue Star Coffee Roasters in Twisp!

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National Ice Cream Month, Day 4

Day 4: Cupcake Royale, which has ice cream in the summer! We stopped into the Capitol Hill location.

Tom had Triple Vanilla and I had Pride Sorbet. The sorbet was berry tangy (delicious). The vanilla was good, too. I sampled two other flavors while we were there:

  1. Mint Fudge + Chocolate Ribbon, a good take on mint chocolate chip, especially if you like a smooth not crunchy texture.
  2. Washington Hazelnut Brittle with Salted Ganache, which was so insanely delicious I can’t even describe it. I’ll come back when I can make it a meal.